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Our services


Kickstart your Digital Branding

  • Creation of a strategic roadmap

  • Channel Setup - Setting up your social media presence

  • Content impulses (8/month) postings and (8/month) stories for increased visibility

  • Reach boost - targeted approach to your target group

  • Interaction monitoring - ongoing tracking of user engagement

  • Monthly reporting - regular success measurement and optimization


Boost your digital community

  • Strategic Roadmap - In-depth analysis, clear definition of unique selling points and growth goals

  • Multi-Channel Content - Distribution Weekly two creative contents for 3 channels of your choice

  • Bespoke Audience Engagement - target group-specific approach for maximum interaction

  • In-Depth Metrics & Benchmarking - Monthly reporting with data-based recommendations for action


Be The Digital Top Player

  • Strategic Masterplan - In-depth analysis, clear roadmap for success, defined key performance indicators

  • Multi-Channel Content - Excellence first-class content 3 times a week for maximum impact

  • Comprehensive Weekly Reporting - Comprehensive metrics, data analysis and benchmarks

  • Continuous Optimization For Peak Performance Continuous optimization of your campaigns at peak level

Sale Branding

What about pricing?

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